What is the burning manhole cover in Centralia, Pennsylvania? – ASK ANY QUESTION RELATING TO BUILDING CONSTRUCTION – SAMJADES CONSTRUCTION (NIG LTD) Forum

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What is the burning manhole cover in Centralia, Pennsylvania? – ASK ANY QUESTION RELATING TO BUILDING CONSTRUCTION – SAMJADES CONSTRUCTION (NIG LTD) Forum

The Burning Manhole Cover of Centralia, Pennsylvania: A Fiery Mystery

Pa.'s abandoned town, Centralia


In the heart of Centralia, Pennsylvania, there lies an enigmatic and eerie phenomenon that has captured the imagination of people worldwide – the burning manhole cover. This small coal-mining town has been shrouded in mystery for decades due to an underground mine fire that has been burning since 1962, and the blazing manhole cover serves as a visible reminder of the town's fiery past. This article delves into the history, causes, and consequences of the burning manhole cover in Centralia.

The History of Centralia

Centralia was once a bustling coal mining community in Pennsylvania, with a population that peaked at around 2,761 residents in the 1890s. The town's prosperity was directly tied to the anthracite coal industry, which brought wealth and a sense of community to its inhabitants. However, this all changed in the early 1960s when an underground coal seam fire ignited and set off a chain of events that would lead to the town's decline.

The Underground Mine Fire

The fire that has plagued Centralia for more than six decades is believed to have started in May 1962 when a controlled burn at the local landfill accidentally ignited an exposed coal seam. This unassuming incident triggered a series of underground fires that quickly spread throughout the labyrinthine network of abandoned coal mines beneath the town.

Efforts to extinguish the fire were attempted, but the scale and complexity of the underground blaze proved insurmountable. The fire has continued to burn relentlessly, causing ground collapses, dangerous gas emissions, and transforming the town into a surreal and dangerous place.

The Burning Manhole Cover

One of the most iconic symbols of Centralia's ongoing underground inferno is the burning manhole cover. These manhole covers, typically used for access to underground utility lines and sewer systems, have been subject to the intense heat from the mine fires below, leading to their ignition. The sight of a manhole cover emitting smoke and heat is a stark reminder of the invisible danger that lurks beneath the town's surface.

Environmental and Health Implications

The underground mine fire in Centralia has not only posed a visual spectacle but also brought significant environmental and health concerns to the forefront. Toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, have seeped to the surface, posing a threat to human health. The air quality in Centralia has been compromised, leading to evacuation and relocation of residents over the years.

Legal Battles and Abandonment

Due to the ongoing fire and the dangers it presented, the state government took action, leading to legal disputes between the residents and authorities. In the late 1980s, the state of Pennsylvania invoked eminent domain, forcing many residents to leave the town. By 1992, Centralia's zip code was revoked, and the town's postal service ceased to exist. To this day, only a handful of residents remain, refusing to leave their homes.

Tourism and Pop Culture

Centralia's surreal and apocalyptic landscape has attracted curious visitors and inspired various forms of pop culture, including books, movies, and video games. The most notable reference is the Silent Hill video game series, which takes inspiration from Centralia's eerie atmosphere and the concept of a hidden, burning underground world.


Centralia's burning manhole cover is a stark and tangible representation of the town's enduring battle with the underground coal mine fire. The history of Centralia, its fiery past, and the impact on the community and environment serve as a haunting reminder of the long-term consequences of industrial accidents and the need for environmental stewardship. As the town continues to smolder, it stands as a testament to the relentless power of fire and the resilience of those who call it home.

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